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Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy Situated near the base of Mt. Kenya – Africa’s second tallest mountain Lewa Wilderness is one of Kenya’s oldest and most private safari ventures. The Craig family has passed down from one generation to the next a distinct passion for wildlife, conservation and tourism, and they proudly continue to run Lewa Wilderness lodge and Walking Wild camel safaris. This place is as much a home as it is a truly unique and personal safari experience.

Lewa is a unique place and has inspired many with its combination of stunning scenery with some of the best game viewing in Africa. But more than that, it is the magic of the connection between the people, the wildlife and the place.

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Getting to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The critical mass of Lewa is worldwide.  It is a famous destination attracting a diversity of guests, the list of which includes no other than Prince William. From Nairobi, you can either fly or drive into Lewa.  A fly/drive arrangement is possible.  Two road options are available.  From Nairobi you can either drive as follows

  • Road A2-Nairobi-Karatina-Kiganjo-Nanyuki-Subuiga-Lewa
  • Road A2-Nairobi-Makutano(Take B2 Road)-Embu-Meru-Subuiga-Lewa
  • Rent 4×4 car to visit lewa

Lewa Wildlife

Elephant: Lewa Downs has a fluctuating population of 100 to 400 elephants which have traditionally used the Conservancy as a dry season feeding ground.

Birds:Bird life on the Lewa  Wildlife Conservancy is prolific, from the impressive Ostrich to the soaring Falcons to the humble sunbirds you will see some of the most hidden gems on you safari at the top of the trees. 

Lions: Lewa is home to 22 lions including the dominant male Mufasa who wears a GPS collar and is tracked on a Google Earth Interface. Download the MiSavannah animal tracking App on Google's PlayStore or Apple Store to learn more on Mufasa and general lion behaviour. 

Wild dogs: Often, Lewa plays hosts to a pack of the critically endangered wild dog, also known as the African painted dog. The wild dogs have suffered severe decline in range and are now found in small pockets throughout the continent. 

Cheetahs: Lewa provides ideal cheetah habitat with its open plains and extensive savannah. The current population of 10 includes a female recently spotted with newborn cubs!   

Leopards: Occasionally, one might get lucky and spot the ever elusive leopard! The current population of  the stealth cat is estimated at slightly more than 10.  

Activities on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy:

  • Game Drives
    Wildlife variety and densities on Lewa make any drive an adventure. Lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, impala, buffalo, black and white rhino. The list is long and the experience memorable. All drives are done by local experienced guides in open four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Bird Watching
    For the keen bird watcher, the sight and sound of the close to 350 bird species is an absolute delight. Do bring along your bird book and you will enjoy marking the birds off your list.
  • Bush Walks
    Viewing wildlife on foot, accompanied by our local armed guides, provides an up close and personal interaction with the wildlife and flora and fauna available. This experience is one of the areas that make Lewa a truly unique safari destination.
  • Massage & Beauty Treatments
    Viewing wildlife on foot, accompanied by our local armed guides, provides an up close and personal interaction with the wildlife and flora and fauna available. This experience is one of the areas that make Lewa a truly unique safari destination.
  • Game Viewing from the Blinds
    Sit quietly in one of our wildlife blind and watch elephant, impala, waterbuck and many other come to drink water in the nearby marsh.
  • Sundowners
    The best way to watch the African sun go down in the horizon is with a cocktail in your hand!
  • Bush Meals
    Drive, walk or ride to a secluded area in the wild. The mouth-watering local dishes, the roaring bonfire for chilly evenings and enchanting Maasai dancers are recipe for a memorable meal.
  • Educational Tours on the History and Day-to-Day Operations of the Conservancy
    Whether it’s a visit to the pre-historic archeological site, a local school, water project or feeding a baby rhino there are plenty of activities that will peak your interest for a behind the scenes look at the conservancy operations.

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