Kenya Bush Excursions is a natively owned Tour and Travel Company with professional destination planning and reservation offices in Kenya and ground operations team in Tanzania and Uganda.

As destination ambassadors representing our own countries, we have an accurate and natural advantage to passionately serve all visitors in all aspects of the tourism industry. Our uncompromising, dedicated and quality driven personalized services include:

East Africa ( Tanzania ,Kenya and Uganda ) destination offerings and promotion of tourism to the region. Tailor-made,honeymooners and customized programs.Wildlife safari organization to game parks recognized internationally or to ones that are untouched and rarely frequented. Superior guided tours by natives of the region. Lodges, camps, hotels and airlines reservations. Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro trekking. Budget safaris and Luxury Tours Beach holidays.

Our aim is to offer a personalised holiday experience and we try to ensure that each client's is individually tailored to meet their needs or requirements.

Check out our custom wildlife and luxury safaris and begin your African safari adventure in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, home to diverse culture, landscapes and wildlife,

Outdoor activities outfitter provided by experienced personnel from a native perspective. Car hire services, train bookings and balloon tours.For more information contact us (

Mission Statement

To offer a personalized and quality service to the satisfaction of our clients and promote every aspect of tourism.

Vision Statement

To be the fundamental marketing leader in travel and tourism industry in East Africa as we got a little supplementary to satisfy our guests

Our Values

We value our customers and our goals is client satisfaction.

The Most Important Features We Pride Ourselves with And Value Are:

Quality Mature Safari Guiding:

It is our core belief that it is the quality of guiding that determines the overall excellence of a safari program. Experienced multilingual mature safari guides specializing in wildlife, ornithology, and photography make our African safaris an assured incredible experience. Because we understand guiding standards, we are the only locally owned organization that has segmented the safari experience into 3 independent categories: Game Watching, Game Viewing and Game Driving.

Comprehensive and First Hand Knowledge of Kenya , Tanzania and Uganda :

It is only with our experienceand accurate knowledge of our land that we have the ability to create personalized and tailor-made programs to unimaginable places a reality, which our clients have appreciated very much.

Conscientious Customer Care:

Because we have a personal and national interest in the reputation of our countries and regions, Kenya , Tanzania and Uganda, it is in our best interest to make certain every possible care is given to all aspects of your trip. Your genuine satisfaction with the services you receive is also reflected on the overall image of the destination. We also make every effort to go above and beyond the rest: no tailored program is a challenge, no budget is a limitation and no detail is too small.

Customer Focused:

Being natives of East Africa in the tourism industry, naturally makes us tourism ambassadors for our countries so we have personal and national interest in making sure every possible care is taken and more than enough care needs to be given to all aspect of our guests programs.

Our Team
Having a compliment of staff who have been involved in the industry at various levels including tourism management, Customer Services, Tours & Travel operations, we passionately strive to ensure that our clients receive outstanding service. We are able to offer a selection of products to suite each individual's preference without compromising our world-class standards. We share our knowledge and passion for our beautiful and exceptional wildlife with all our customers.

We are represented on and dedicated to regular improvement of quality, not simply a one-step improvement to an acceptance plateau but dig deep to ensure customer satisfaction. We are very proud to be associated with you !!

Only the best hotels and lodges
We take great pride in providing only the very best accommodations for our guests, using only the best lodges, hotels and camps. We have built strong relationships with all the leading hotel and lodge companies and enjoy a favored client status.

Experienced Local Personnel:

The information you receive and the programs we create are ones that we have experienced personally. On average, our guides who our customers interact with on their trips share between 7 and 25 years of experience. Our ethics is to do things right.

Not Just Another Company Selling Travel to Africa :

We are natives, proud to represent our own countries; we have a reason, passion, and motivation to be there for our customers and to do what we do; for these very reasons, our team and the services we offer can never be compared to those of others in the same industry.

Not an Internet or a Dot Com Booking Agent:

We are an organization with physical locations at the addresses mentioned in our contacts. We use Internet technology to nurture a superb, timely and efficient company and services. The results of our services are evident in the communication visitors receive when organizing and arranging their program with us. The results of these efficiencies are a better-priced program, the savings of which are passed on to our customers and agents.